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Put your cat in spaaaace!

One of my favorite things about going out to shows is watching people see their cat in my cats. Sure, it's a painting of Neptune...but "doesn't he look just like Binx?" It's in a look, the position of the ears, the pose that is just so. Sometimes it actually the markings and I've managed to paint a catstronaut that looks just right.
 I can actually put YOUR cat in space. Or the special fuzzy face of a loved one if you are looking for a unique gift.

How it works:


You choose a size you'd like and send me pictures of the cat you have in mind. Tell me some stories if you like. Let me know if there's a certain planet or element of space you prefer.


I make a painting (sometimes more than one) based on the photos and what it inspires in me. The painting goes in a secret gallery just for you - if you like it, you buy it. If you don't you can tell me or just do nothing and I move it into my available works after two weeks.


It's my way of doing "commissions" without stressing myself into head-to-toe hives. No one likes an itchy artist. 

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